Free To Play: Pixiel Dreadwager

Pixiel continues her adventures, but this time in the forgotten dark forest! You need to try very hard to have a chance to survive.

Pixygon Micro: A New Handheld Experience

Pixygon Micro is a virtual portable console that allows you to play various games created by indie developers in collaboration with Pixygon!

Pixygon’s Game Library

Pixiel: The Echoes of the Past

Kuma: Fruit Fields

Ducking Fuzz

TOTC: Necrotic Warfare

Pixygon Infinite expands your reality

We are working on an ecosystem aimed not only at simplifying and enhancing real life but also gamifying the life experience through various technologies.

Our applications actively integrate AR technologies and virtual assistants along with gaming concepts such as Highscores, Quest Boards, etc.

We also offer application development and the expansion of them with new features!