What is Pixygon?

Pixygon Studio is a small indie team, our passion is creating games focusing on collaborations with artists and using the Digital Assets for ownership of the games, collectibles and in-game items.

Learn about our current ongoing projects:

Pixygonµ (Micro) is a virtual game console with a nostalgic retro style. Pixel art based games, opening game boxes with cartridges, customizing your console with faceplates, and more.
Artists can make special designs for the console, and send a pitch for their game concepts, so we can work together on them in the future.

Check out our games you can play now!

Coming soon:
-The Kuma Fruit Forest
-Nightwave Runners

Pixygon∞ ( Infinite) is a social game, where you can create, share, and customize your personalized virtual world to have adventures alone or with your friends. Within the world of Pixygon, you’ll be able to gather resources, hunt monstrous creatures and fulfill daily tasks and quests by yourself or with other players.
Our goal at Pixygon is to make a space for artists and creatives to unleash their minds wildest desires, fashion, stories, immersive roleplaying, art, interior design, weapon skins, pets and more!
 No release date has been set yet for Infinite, keep an eye on updates and announcements!