Quests and PET! DevLog – DevLog#2

by | Sep 7, 2022 | DevLog

Since I wrote the last DevLog, a lot has happened with Pixygon! We have worked hard on bringing all the main features of the game up to speed and enough to test them out. We have now moved over to Phase 2, where we are going to focus 100% on single feature-sets, making them as complete, finished and release-ready as we can. This week we focused heavily on the Quest-system, and will wrap that up by next week! Because of this, we have also hidden all the environment in the game, which is why the screenshots are from a gray void. This is so we can focus fully on the task at hand, and ensure it runs as smooth as possible, and is good and fun on its own.

Quest System

There are now a bunch of quest-types, within the four categories I wrote about last time. Quests and Contracts can be about killing, capturing, gathering, surveying and much more. The system has gotten a lot of love and juice as well! Accepting, Progressing or Completing a quest all have their own little animated notification, as well as detailed information about what happened. Quests can be sequential, meaning you have to do Quest A to be able to see Quest B, and follow storylines.

Pixygon Editor Tool

The ID-system I wrote about last post has now gotten a name! Say hello to the “Pixygon Editor Tool”, or PET! This is an all-in-one in-editor tool we use for Pixygon, which automates and streamlines all content-creation. This tool is vital for us, to deliver a massive game, with our small team! I’m really looking forward to the future of this tool, as we begin putting more and more of it online…! Making quests is even easier now! A lot of the quest-making process has been streamlined and automated, so anyone on the team should be able to create and test quests easily, quickly, with as few bugs as possible.

Streaming & Community

Next week I will start streaming on the Pixygon-twitch! It will start slow, but I expects to keep a tight schedule and stream the development often. If you want to support is in some way, feel free to let us know! This month of september we are going to have a lot more focus on building the community, bit by bit! Expect DevLog #3 next friday!

– IMakeStupidGames