A dialogue about quests – DevLog #3

by | Sep 24, 2022 | DevLog

Dialogue Wrapping Up Quest-System

This week I’ve been wrapping up the work on the Quest-system, for now. I spent a lot of time working on the UI to make it as smooth as possible, while showing off all the required information. I think it turned out pretty well!



After having worked on the quest-system, I’m turning all my attention to the Dialogue-system! For now, I’ve mostly worked on making the UI good and responsive, and removing anything that can cause any bugs. There is a lot of Juice going into this! Now, I’m going to work on making it easier to use for anyone on the team, by improving all the in-editor tools for the dialogue-system.

Graph-tool for making conversations!


So, is it looking good?




We had our first stream on Wednesday! That was fun and nice, and I’m really looking forward to stream more! We’re gonna keep iterating and improving the stream, so if you have any suggestion or wishes, let us know! I really enjoy streaming, since it allows us to get direct feedback, while working on the game, while increasing the transparency
Finally, I want to properly introduce two of our latest team-members! I’m super hyped to have these two amazing artists as part of the team. Now we are truly a collection of the finest nocturnal artists!


John from Token Girls

Hey everyone! I am a part of the Pixygon team! I really fell in love with this project by the first sight! I know for sure that you’ll love this project as much as I love it when we’ll do everything we’ve planned, aaaand we prepared a lot of surprises and cool things specially for our beloved fans!

 John’s Twitter




MikeeMyk the red panda

Hi, I’m really glad to be part of this team! I’m stoked to work with this team of amazing dev and artists that loves games and art same as me. Hope you’ll love this project!

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