An affinity for Dialogue – DevLog #4

by | Sep 24, 2022 | DevLog

This will be a bit of a shorter devlog, since most of the work done has been under the hood and not that much to show off. But, we keep chugging on and working, getting ever closer!



More work has went into the dialogue-system! A lot of bugfixes and juicing has gone into it, to make it feel and work as good as possible. NPCs will now also start building a relationship towards the player, which can be improved over time. This system will also be added for relationships between the NPCs themselves. I have also added in more Dialogue/NPC-creation tools in the Pixygon Editor Tool! I especially like one thing, where you can with a single click extract out a dialogue as a script-file, for when we want to get in some voice-acting! Pretty cool!

All this work on the dialogue-system has also allowed the quest-system to advance, adding in quests that can only be recieved by saying the right things to NPCs, or quests that requires asking the right things from NPCs to be completed!

Now, by the end of the weekend, I am hoping to finish the dialogue-system, for now, and move on to the next step, the Journal-app and Camera-app getting a major overhaul!




Work towards the actual place you will play in has been done too. There is not that much I can tell about this yet, other than that I’m getting pretty excited for it! We have some pretty neat ideas going here

Community & Streaming

First of! From next week onwards, we will start streaming regularly on a schedule! The schedule will be posted Monday next week, so look forward to that!