Gathering all the stuff!! – DevLog #6

by | Oct 3, 2022 | DevLog

This week a lot has happened. Things are truly speeding up now, and it feels like this is several weeks of work.

Inventory & Gathering

We now have gathering, pickups and an inventory! We have added the first item, the Morpho Cap, the first item in the Mycelium category. We’ve also done lots of optmizations and rework of the core system, as well as full implementation with Pixygon Editor Tool for creating items and item-categories, to streamline the content creation as much as possible!

Apps & Tablet

Several of the apps have recieved facelifts to make them more in line with eachother. The systems in the tablet itself has received lots of improvements, for faster development, making everything more coherent, and less things that can go wrong! Also, the way the tablet opens and how you view it is way cooler now!

Debugger and optimiaztion

I’ve made a much more robust debugging tool now, where we can toggle on/off entire systems from debugging. This will help find errors and bugs much, much quicker, and allow us to hone in on exactly what needs to be fixed. Over time, the DebugTool will keep recieving upgrades and enhancements! (Looking at you, combat!!!)

New team-members!

This week we are adding TWO new team-members! We’re all super hyped having them on board, and looking forward to all we can do now!!


Hey! I’m apple, your friendly neighborhood pup from the world of cryptopups. I’m gonna be doing 3D assets for Pixygon, and I CANNOT stress enough how excited I am for the adventure we’re about to go on with the project!

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Bryan, aka Kuma

Sup Kuma’s! My name is Bryan, the artist and creator behind THE KRYPTO KUMAS brand. My Whole life I wanted to create my own stories, my own worlds, my own fan-base. I grew up in the 90’s where Cartoons, Anime, Comics and Video Games were a major influence on me as an artist. Not just as an artist, but as a young kid looking to locate his place in life. Pop-Culture was a safe-haven for my generation and gave us “Outcast” worlds filled with creativity and understanding, to help teach us important life lessons.

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