Journals about cameras – DevLog #5

by | Sep 25, 2022 | DevLog


The journal has got a lot of love this week, and we are close to wrapping it up, for now. Magnta has made a lot of icons and graphics, while I have filled it with as much information as possible! There is now all the information needed for Quests, Creatures and the start of Professions and Items have been added.



The camera has received a lot of upgrades, and is now much more advanced. We decided to focus on the camera now, so that every single screenshot you see from Pixygon, is taken using the in-game tool! So, for what we have actually done: There are now camera-filters, with more to come. We’ve opened up access to a lot of physical camera-settings, so you can fully adjust the camera. There is Depth of Field, with settings and it can add watermarks!



We are working a little bit on the side with the world-building of the game. It isn’t currently the main focus, as that will still be the features themselves. Because of this, we can now access either the Island or our debug-room from the main-room! But, now we have an island, it’s there, and it will allow us to take some better images! Also, streaming the world building is lots of fun, which leads me to…


Streaming is going well! We have a schedule, which might even be expanded. We are also quickly reaching the first Twitch goal, 50 followers, which will make us a Twitch Affiliate!


Comes smashing in! Oliver has already been helping out with cleaning up the Discord, and we have way more planned with it…

Pixygon Collaboration

We are going to start doing more with the playerbase going forward. We want to give anyone that is able to and wants to help out make Pixygon be the best it can be the opportunity to do so. We have done some changes in the discord to reflect that.

The graphic below explains how to get into the Pixygon Project properly:
The Outer Circle is for the frontlines of Pixygon: The moderators, the ambassadors and so on.
The Inner Circle is everyone developing, making concept art, making 3D and so on.
The Core is the innermost layer, where all the secrets are kept.

Artists or anyone wanting to collaborate with Pixygon are the independent bubbles between the main team and the players. Pixygon is at the moment a passion project, and we are currently working for free. (For now)
If you want to help out, contact us through Discord, Twitter or send an email to