Infinite Micros – DevLog #7

by | Feb 4, 2023 | DevLog

Dang, it’s been a while since the last DevLog! Well, a LOT has happened, so I’ll try to sum it up as best as I can! We might have been a bit extra silent the last few months, but that’s because we’ve worked extra hard on getting some of this stuff done! I’m HYPED!

Pixygon ∞

This will, at least for now, be the new name of the larger Pixygon MMO-game. We are still working on it, but, as its going to be big, it’s named infinity after all, we need funding. This is where Pixygon µ and Pixygon Merch come in! The money we earn on those two, go directly into working more on Pixygon ∞! We hope to have more to show you of it soon, but right now, the focus is on the Pixygon µ!

Pixygon µ

January 5th, we finally launched the Pixygon Micro, and the launch-game, Pixiel! The game came in both a standard and a collectors edition, and I think it went very well! It’s good to finally have it out there, and now we can work on finalizing the next two games (From KryptoKumas and TokenGirls!)
There will also be a larger content-update for Pixiel, as well as releasing the game on the Ethereum-chain, and maybe even Tezos! We want the game to be played by many people. But, we will keep Wax as the main chain, and it will be the only place to get the Collectors edition! (Which there is only 13 left of, as I type this!)

Pixiel 1.1.0

For the first Pixiel Content Update, there will be added several things: A whole new area, a new boss, several Quality of Life improvements, high scores, levelselect and saving! Along with all of this, the Micro itself will get some upgrades. The home-menu will be redone, bugs have been fixed, and it will now integrate the new Pixygon Account-system, which I will explain more below!
I hope you liked playing Pixiel, and seeing what the PixygonMicro is all about! There is A LOT more to come for it, and I’m very excited to show more of that!

Kuma 1.0.0

Right after Pixiel 1.1.0, our full attention will move to KryptoKuma, Tokuma Village and the FruitFields, with the release of the Kuma game! This will be a strategic fruit harvesting and village builder simulator, which all of us are pretty excited for!

Pixygon Merch
Last week, we opened the Pixygon Merch-store! This has been worked on and set up by Magnta, and it’s looking great! The store will feature physical products relating to all the games we produce, and will have several limited items, and cool designs! We have several nice ideas for things we want to do with it, so look forward to that!
We are also running a promo on there, 15% off until January 29th!
All money earned from the march-store goes straight into further developing the entirety of Pixygon!

Pixygon Dashboard

The last three weeks, the need for a proper backend and dashboard connected to Pixygon has became pretty apparent. So. I made all of that! We now have a Pixygon Account-system! This is connected to a global high score-system, that will work across all PixygonMicro-games. With your Pixygon Account, you will also be able to link in several crypto-wallets, starting with Wax, Ethereum and Tezos. More will be added over time too. Finally having this backend and improved infrastructure will allow us to do a lot more. Hopefully, you will get to see more of that very soon, in some way or another.

Welcome Alter13!

Alter13 joins the team to help out with graphical design and UX, wish him welcome!

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