Pixiel Dreadwager

Fallen Hero in the Lost Stronghold

Within these city walls, you are far from alone.

Build connections with the subdued inhabitants, peeling back layers of their intricate pasts to learn more about their purpose of staying here.

There is a chance that they will respond to you with reciprocity.

You entered the portal and noticed hostile creatures surrounding you!

You have no choice but to engage in battle with them

Collect skills and explore the territory.

Perhaps you can use the environment to your advantage.

The mysterious cursed mark appeared in one of the stores.

Legends say that it helps restore portals and go through them to meet harder challenges.

This is a Twitch Feature.

viewers can use the !invade command to challenge you, !assist to aid you, and !vote to choose a random skill in the streamer’s chat!

Turn it on in the Game Settings!

Skills and Lore Explanations

You can find more info about the skills and characters in our TikTok!