Pixygon progress – DevLog#1

by | Sep 6, 2022 | DevLog

(Originally published August 4, 2022)

First of, the reason we haven’t posted too many images is because at the moment we are using a lot of placeholder models, so we can better test out the underlying systems, detailed below. Now these systems are getting to the point that we can start putting in more finished stuff, which will be the focus going forward.

We have been working hard on a solid and good quest-system, and it’s been in-use for a little while already! There are currently four types of quests:

– Quests, stories found in the world – Contracts, missions you can receive from Contract boards, in towns
– Daily Tasks, a set of simple tasks that are refreshed every 24 hours.
– Achievements, you know what this is.

There has been a lot of improvements to the player, to make everything more streamlined. Player can now equip either tools or weapon in the same hand, and use them without going into a “combat-state”. A lot of focus have been put into making it more smooth and immersive to play.

Magnta has been working hard on the new human(++) models, so they are completely made by us from scratch, exactly as we want it! There has been a lot of concept art and a lot of versions, looking for the best aesthetics! We are also opening up to much more player-customization.

NPCs, or Actors have received a lot of work. The human actors are getting proper dialogues, and can give you quests. It’s also now much, much simpler to create new npcs for us now. The creatures you can meet (Like the dumdum) evolve over time, and fighting them gets pretty tough! They have areas that can be broken if attacked enough (Tail, spikes, claws, etc)

This app keeps track of everything you’ve done. Quests, Gatherables, NPCs, Professions, Skills.

To me, this is the coolest thing, because it speeds up things ALOT.

Now there is a system combining all the above, which allows it to work much smoother. The ID-system is a set of editor-tools, that makes it much, much easier for anyone on the team to create new npcs, equipment, items, quests and much more.

Thank you for the support and keep your eye open for more updates of our progress !!