Pixygon Prism

Pixygon Prism is an upcoming app for iOS/Android

Prism allows you to see your current wax-balance and wax-nfts in your wallet. All your nfts can be spawned out into AR-space, to be be viewed in a new way! Users can also search up other users, wallets, collections and templates!

For any questions or anything at all, send a mail to Pixygon@pixygon.io or dm Anders/IMakeStupidGames on discord/twitter!

To test the app on iOS-device, which you can use through testflight, sign up via this link.

Android-version can be downloaded here. 

Version 0.5.2_28 (Updated 30/07)


  • Improvements to Account-creation
  • Several bugfixes in login-system
  • Profile now shows total number of NFTs owned
  • Profile now shows collections followed
  • Some fancy new animations
  • Lots of bugfixes

Version 0.5.2_25 (Updated 29/07)


  • Show current mutable/immutable-data on a template
  • Follow/Unfollow collections
  • View Followed collections
  • Click wallets to copy to clipboard
  • Added pagenumbers for nftSearch
  • Added back-button for nftSearch
  • Sort-options for nftSearch
  • Order-otions for nftSearch
  • Error with mutable/immutable-data should be fixed
  • Lots more bugfixes
  • Several UX-improvements

Version 0.5.2_20 (Updated 23/07)


  • Added DisplayName
  • Can now set nfts as Profile Pictures
  • Can use html-tags in Bio
  • Lots of bugfixes!

Version 0.5.2_17 (Updated 21/07)


  • Improved login
  • Can now reset password
  • Account verification
  • Lots of bugfixes


Version 0.5.2_14 (Updated 19/07)


  • Added Collection-card, collection-search and fixed several bugs

Known bugs

  • Some issues, when using new accounts with no wallets